SNCAE Spring Conference 2017


Hello SNCAE!

Spring is right around the corner and that means it is time to start preparing for the SNCAE Spring Conference! The conference will be held at the NCAE Center in Raleigh March 31st-April 2nd. Our theme for 2017 is “Teaching is a Breeze with SNCAE.” During the conference you will have the opportunity to participate in multiple breakout sessions, and hear from guest speakers. Breakout sessions are centered on topics that are important to the field of education such as; IEP’s and You, Teacher Evaluations, and Education Law. We are very excited to have the North Carolina Teacher of the Year as one of our special guest speakers this year. You will also have the opportunity network at the School System Fair with principals from across North Carolina. You could find your future job at the SNCAE Spring Conference!

On Saturday night you will also be able to participate in a Lip Sync Battle! Each year SNCAE hosts a lip sync battle as one of the major fundraisers of the year. This year we have set different fundraising goals, and when each goal is met a guest will appear in the lip sync battle competition!

             If you are still unsure if you would like to attend, here is a glimpse of how Spring Conference impacted some of our members last year:

“I have attended SNCAE’s Spring Conference twice and both times have been fantastic experiences. I will also be there this year! Attending provides the opportunity to connect and meet with future educators across the state. You get to also hear from experienced speakers that give plenty of insight into the education system. Finally, it is an extremely fun weekend! Last year, there was a lip sync competition that was used to raise money for the NC Foundation for Public School Children, many colleges competed as chapters and it was awesome! If you haven’t gone to Spring Conference, I couldn’t recommend it more!”

-Sarah Cranfill; Catawba College


“Recently I was awarded with the Campbell University School of Education Outstanding Professional Education Senior Award. I was awarded this honor for the multitude of things I have done during my time in college such as; book drives, fundraisers, hosting a lecture series, planning museum trips for other students. I would have never been able to tackle these tasks without SNCAE and SNCAE Spring Conference. The Spring Conference allowed me to network with other students across the state, and listen to new ideas. I was able to attend lectures on what to expect in the classroom, and how to address issues such as bullying, and the common core. The information I learned influenced what I was able to do for myself and my chapter.”

-Justin Josey;  Campbell University


This is an event that you do not want to miss! If you are planning to attend

 please click here. We hope to see you in paradise on March 31st!


Region 6 Spotlight!


Greetings from Region 6! My name is Kimberly Hall and I am a representative from a little shinning piece of North Carolina. The SNCAE Chapters in region six had a wonderful first semester to the 2016-2017 school year and are in full swing for the spring. One of the main events of the fall semester was the opportunity to host a luncheon/meeting with NEA Vice- President, Becky Pringle and NCAE Vice-President Kristy Moore. Mrs. Pringle and Mrs. Moore took the opportunity to sit down with students from Campbell University as well as Fayetteville State University on October 27th. They were interested in hearing from the active members of SNCAE to find out how the student program has benefitted its members. I was proud to hear all the wonderful things the members had to say about SNCAE. The Vice-Presidents also took interest in our university programs and the disciplines we are studying. It was a pleasure as well insightful to sit down with two women so involved in education today.



Outreach to Teach 2017

We hope you are having a fantastic start to a brand new semester! With a new semester comes a great event from SNCAE! The event that is approaching very quickly is, Outreach To Teach 2017!
Outreach to Teach is an annual event hosted by SNCAE.  Members from across the state will come together on March 18, 2017 to help a school in need. This year, we will be traveling to a school located in the Alamance-Burlington School District. During the project we will have the chance to give the school a new inviting look for students, parents, and staff. Some projects we plan on completing are: painting hallways, landscaping, a total renovation of the teacher’s lounge, painting murals, and much more. To accomplish all of these projects, we need your help!
We need you to involve your chapter members and the communities you live in.  We challenge you to hold a fundraiser on your campus or in your local community to raise funds for this wonderful event. Some ideas for fundraisers are: hosting a bake sale, zumbathon, carwash, or any other creative ideas you may have. Keep in mind that the funds you raise for Outreach to Teach will help your chapter earn points in the SNCAE Chapter Awards Program. We also want to challenge you to bring as many of your members as possible to the Outreach to Teach project in March.
Below is a link to the North Carolina Foundation for Public School Children webpage that you can share on any and all social media sites in order to help raise funds for Outreach to Teach 2017. All donations are tax deductible! 
If you are planning to attend Outreach to Teach this year, please make sure you register at: 
We hope to see you there!
Courtney Foster
Your SNCAE President

Region 7 Spotlight!


Region 7 had a great start to the 2016-2017 school year. North Carolina Wesleyan College hosted a fundraiser event last semester to fund a scholarship. The local SNCAE chapter sold Krispy Kreme doughnuts and they raised over 500 dollars for a special education scholarship. North Carolina Wesleyan College did not meet their goal for 1,000 dollars but they are going to try the same fundraiser next semester and hope to surpass their goal. The local chapter also hosted a teacher appreciation walk in November. This was a huge event and they had a great turnout. Over 100 people showed up from the Nash/Rocky Mount school district. Great Job NC Wesleyan!

Jordan Harrell

Region 7 Representative

Why should I be an NCAE Convention Delegate?


As many of you know, the NCAE Convention is approaching! The convention will be held March 24th and 25th in Raleigh. As an SNCAE member you have the wonderful opportunity of representing your college chapter as a student delegate to the convention! In the next few weeks your chapters will be holding elections to vote for convention delegates. If you are new to SNCAE you may have questions about the upcoming convention. Below, some of your state executive board members have shared about their experiences serving as delegates at previous NCAE Conventions. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet educators from across North Carolina, and to see what a wonderful family you are a part of by being a Student NCAE member.

“When I was selected as the NCAE Convention delegate, I was a bit nervous. I did not know what to expect or what type of events were to be held. When I arrived at the convention, I was welcomed with open arms. Being a part of Region 4 was such a blessing, they treated all the student delegates as members of the Association. All the events were explained to us and we all had someone to turn to if we had questions. My favorite part of the convention was being able to have a voice in the constitutional changes. As student delegates, we had voting privileges on the convention floor and truly had a say in what was being changed in the constitution of our Association. I am looking forward to joining NCAE upon graduation and attending the convention as a teacher. Attending the NCAE Annual Convention is definitely an event you do not want to miss!”

Miho Yamaguchi

SNCAE Secretary

“Going to the NCAE convention allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and meet new people. I was the only person attending the convention from my campus so I did not know anyone. This allowed me to step out of my shell and to meet new people from different campuses and school districts. I met principals, teachers, and different people who worked in school districts across North Carolina. This allowed me to get my foot in the door and create relationships that could possibly lead to a job when I graduate. I enjoyed going to the convention because I got to see how NCAE works and how everyone comes together to work together to create a better world for education. It is amazing seeing people come together to fight for education.”

Jordan Harrell

Region 7 Representative


Region 4 Spotlight

Good Afternoon,
My name is Taylor Evans, serving as your Region 4 Representative. As we all know November is the month of elections. Several schools in Region 4 participated and hosted events to spread the word and get as many people out to vote as possible.
Bennett College held an Early Vote Rally.   R&B Singer Ledisi and many elected officials were present, Along with a DJ, games and free food  available for everyone. Bennett College also hosted other events to encourage people to vote. North Carolina A&T State University held several events such as: March to the Polls, storm the doorm and volunteering at polling sites to encourage students to get out and vote.
Region 4 has a lot more in store !
Stay tuned.
Taylor Evans,
Region 4 Representative

Region 2 Spotlight


Good Afternoon! My name is Abdul Pridgen, I will be serving as the SNCAE Region 2 Representative this year. We have been very progressive in region two so far. Winston-Salem State University’s chapter had a blast with the election dorm storm. Our chapter used the dorm storm as a time for bonding with our general body members as well as some of WSSU’s student body. I also had the pleasure to attend President Obama’s speech in Charlotte, NC on November 4th with VIP tickets which was a life changing experience. I ran into some SNCAE members from Bennett College along with their wonderful advisor. WSSU looks forward to a week full of exciting events next week for education week!


Abdul Pridgen

Region 2 Representative